13 Easy Camp Games and Hiking Activities—Best Camp Games for Girls' Camp, Family Camp, or Boys' Camp

13 Easy Camp Games and Hiking Activities—Best Camp Games for Girls' Camp, Family Camp, or Boys' Camp

Whether you’re going into the mountains to camp or hike, you’ll love these 13 easy camp games with some great ideas for hiking, too. Use them for family campouts, girls’ camps, boys’ camps, hiking trips, and family reunions! Some are even great ideas for backyard campouts, too!

P.S. Here is the link to the plush campfire set in the video. All other links are found in the game details below.

Camp chair basketball game—easy camp game for campfires, family campouts and family reunions, girls' camp, Young Women camp, and boys' camp

1. Camp Chair Basketball

If your folding camp chair has a cup holder, then you’re ready to play some camp-style basketball! Simply use a marshmallow for the basketball and try to shoot it into the cup-holder hoop! Play a game of basketball, H-O-R-S-E, or lightning, depending on how much space you have.

Marshmallow Tower Contest easy camp game for campfires, family campouts and family reunions, girls' camp, Young Women camp, and boys' camp

2. Marshmallow Tower Contest

Grab your camp roasting sticks (like these in single sticks or this pack of eight) and some marshmallows, and get ready for a stacking challenge to see how many marshmallows you can stack without them falling. Play in many ways:

• See how many each person can stack in 60 seconds.

• Race against each other and see who can be the first to stack a certain number of marshmallows.

• See who can hold an extendable camp stick out the farthest and stack five marshmallows.

• Play in teams and have the person holding the roasting stick keep his or her eyes closed to increase the difficulty.

Easy campfire kendama DIY ball and cup game with marshmallows and spoons

3. Campfire Kendama

Add a campfire twist to kendama with disposable spoons, marshmallows, and dental floss. Simply wrap dental floss around two spoons to hold them together (or make it simpler with just one spoon), and tie one end of the floss around the neck of the spoon(s) and the other end around a marshmallow. Then try to get the marshmallow to land on the spoon! You can even see how many times you can do it in a row!

How to create easy DIY flashlight puppets for bedtime story time or campfire fun or camp stories in tents

4. Flashlight Puppets to Bring Your Stories to LIGHT

You can create DIY flashlight puppets and shapes in just a few easy steps! Create flashlight shapes in your favorite objects, or create related shapes and use them to tell a story on the side of the tent. Learn the four simple steps to create flashlight puppets in our full article or watch the video below.


Stick-Tac-Toe camp game great for girls' camp, Young Women camp, family campouts and family reunions, and boys' camp

5. Stick-Tac-Toe

Play the classic tic-tac-toe game with a twist. Simply find four sticks to create your stick-tac-toe board, and then use rocks as your markers—one person can play with rocks that are more circular while the other can play with rocks that are more oblong. Or try using pine cones or leaves as your markers, and simply swap out the rocks you toss for these objects when you land in an unoccupied square!

6. If a Grizzly Came a Comin’ Storytelling Game

This printable storytelling game fosters imagination and laughter! For each round, one person gives a situation prompt like “If a grizzly came a comin’, I’d jump . . .” or “If a grizzly came a comin’, I’d find . . .” Then everyone else comes up with a response that would be sure to keep them safe from the grizzly bear! (See examples in the video below.) Whomever’s response is voted best by the person who selected the situation gets to pick the next prompt. Get your copy of our 77 If a Grizzly Came a Comin’ cards (on 5 printable sheets) today!

Note: Make sure everyone understands proper safety procedures around bears.


7. The Song Game

If you’re going on a long hike, it can be hard to keep everyone entertained. Try the song game, where you split into teams and choose a word. Go back and forth between teams coming up with songs that use that word in their lyrics. If a team can’t think of a song within 30 seconds or repeats a song already used, they lose that round. The winning team then selects a word for the next round.

Cairn building and races for family campouts and family reunions, nature adventures and nature walks, girls' camp, Young Women camp, and boys' camp

8. Cairn Stacking

Cairns—symbols of milestones and markers while hiking—can also provide great entertainment. Just select a set of rocks (more flat for younger players and more abstract for older players) and see who can stack the set the highest or fastest! See two fun game ideas for cairn building in our article.

Painted cairn activity for family campouts and family reunions, nature adventures and nature walks, girls' camp, Young Women camp, and boys' camp

9. Nature Walk Bingo

Another great way to keep everyone entertained on a long hike is with Nature Walk Bingo cards. It takes the focus off the length or the heat of the hike and gets everyone looking for birds, flowers, rocks in various colors, insects, and more. It’s a great way to help everyone notice and appreciate the beautiful details of nature! Download our set of 10 Nature Walk Bingo cards today!

10 Printable Nature Walk Bingo cards for girls' camp, family campouts and family reunions, nature adventures, and boys' camps

Deer in the Headlights Game for Family Game Nights and Campouts

10. Deer in the Headlights

On many camping trips, you’re able to enjoy the wonder of nature animals. And that means you’ll also be on the lookout for deer. The Deer in the Headlights game (on Amazon here) is a fun mix of cards and dice to try to roll the perfect combination to get rid of your cards! See our full game review of how to play the Deer in the Headlights card game.


11. Best Frisbees for Camping and Hiking

This foldable silicone Wingman Frisbee by Wabobo (on Amazon here) has enough weight and structure that it can be thrown a long way, yet it’s easy to fold and put in your pocket—making it perfect to take on a hike without feeling weighed down by it.


And if you want something to play after the sun goes down, check out the FlashFlight LED Light-up Frisbee (on Amazon here), which is also my favorite for playing any time of the year because 175g+ Frisbees make a HUGE difference in play.

Camp Talk game with conversation starters for girls's camp, family campouts and family reunions, and boys' camps

12. Camp Talk conversation cards

Sitting around the camp fire or in tents provides lots of time for conversation. These Camp Talk conversation cards (on Amazon here) provide some fun ideas for topics to discuss.

13. Mega Marshmallow Contest

When it’s time to roast marshmallows for s’mores, hold a simple contest—see who can get their marshmallow to puff up the largest.

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