5 Easy Zoom Christmas Party Games for the Best Virtual Christmas Party

5 Easy Zoom Christmas Party Games for the Best Virtual Christmas Party

For the best easy Zoom Christmas party games for a virtual Christmas party for family, friends, work or school, try these five ideas! (You can also use Google Meet for a great virtual Christmas party.) Some provide adaptations to carry on your favorite Christmas traditions from far distances while others enjoy some humor from common problems on Zoom.

1. "I Think You're Muted" Christmas Carols. One of the phrases we've heard most this year on Zoom is "I think you're muted," and this game plays off that idea! Have a group on one Zoom screen intentionally mute themselves and sing a Christmas song, and then have the others try to guess what song it is! Whoever guesses it right gets a point and sings next. Tip: This is easiest to play on a screen larger than a phone.

2. Sugar Cookie Challenge. Before getting on your Zoom call or video chat, make sure each home has sugar cookies in common shapes like gingerbread men, snowmen, stars, and trees. Then enjoy five-minute challenges by having one person choose a shape and another person choose a theme; for example, decorating a star shape with the theme of a Christmas carol or decorating a tree with your favorite holiday tradition. After the five minutes, enjoy sharing your designs with others.

3. Christmas Food Taste Test and Guess. Ahead of time, compile a collection of fun or unique flavored Christmas foods for each person (the same set for everyone). Then have everyone eat each type of food at the same time and guess what it is. If they get it right, they get a point.

4. Pictionary Meets Christmas Carols. Utilize the whiteboard feature of Zoom or Google Meet to have someone draw a Christmas shape. As soon as participants identify what it is, they need to come up with a Christmas song (you may not want to just shout out the word on Zoom as soon as you know it, or else you'll give others a chance to steal your victory). Whoever sings a Christmas song with that word in it first gets a point and gets to draw next.

5. Zoomkeeper Charades. In this version of Charades, you'll play off the fact that Zoom often freezes or glitches due to internet connections. Each round, one person will be acting out the clue and another person will be the "Zoomkeeper." The Zoomkeeper can randomly call out "freeze" or "glitch" and the person acting out the clue has to freeze in place or pretend they are glitching like Zoom does with a poor internet connection. After a few seconds, the Zoomkeeper calls out "go" and the person acting can then resume normal movement. 

Tip for Extended Family Parties:

If you normally travel to see family for a week or more, try to create that Christmas connection by doing "12 Days of Christmas Games" so you can enjoy fun together each day. Use these games, and then try some of our "12 Days of Christmas Games," many of which you can still enjoy racing against across screen if you both have the same supplies.

12 Days of Christmas Party Games for Kids, Teens, and Adults

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