Burned-Out Bulbs Easy Christmas Party Game!

Burned-Out Bulbs Easy Christmas Party Game!

You know that. how to fix burned-out light bulbs can be hard, but in this game the burned-out bulbs create all the fun! To play, hang paper Christmas bulbs and try to collect their points by hitting them with darts or soft balls. But make sure you don’t hit the burned-out mystery bulb that ends the game!


Here’s how to play:

1. Print and cut the Burned-out Bulbs printable set from our shop.

2. Add a sticky note on the back of each bulb with points (5, 10, 20, 30); add the words “burned out” instead of points on one sticky note. Hang the bulbs on the wall. Note: We like to have several bulbs worth 5 points, a few with 10 and 20 points, and just one with 30 points to keep the anticipation high for finding the 30-point bulb!

3. Take turns aiming a toy dart or throwing a soft ball at the bulbs. If you hit one, collect the points and remove the bulb from the wall. If you hit the “burned out” bulb; the round ends and points are scored. Don’t collect points if you hit the burned-out bulb.

That's it! Have so much fun with the burned-out Christmas lights game!

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