5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Christmas in July—without Taking out All the Holiday Decorations!

5 Fun and Easy Ways to Celebrate Christmas in July

Christmas is my favorite holiday—it feels like instant joy, and I love the spirit of giving and love that surrounds it. So why not bring some extra joy to your home this week! Here are five fun ways to celebrate Christmas in July without needing to haul out your holiday decor!

1. Draw names and have everyone pick out a gift for a family member or another family in need. You can have them search Walmart.com or even DollarTree.com to reduce the need to go into stores and then have it ordered for pickup (Walmart) or send one person into Dollar Tree if it’s Covid-safe in your area. Or, have them make or find something around the house that they’re willing to give to another family member. Wrap the gifts and enjoy a fun Christmas gift exchange! Or have them pick out a gift and then deliver them to a local shelter or a family who is experiencing hard times financially due to Covid-19.

Create an ugly-Christmas apron

2. Have an ugly-Christmas-sweater decorating party. You can make sugar cookies and decorate them (we like this sweater-shaped cookie cutter), or order aprons for kids or aprons for adults and decorate them in Christmas-in-July fashion instead (it’s much more summer-friendly than a warm sweater!). Find more ideas for an ugly Christmas sweater party in this video, such as making ugly-Christmas-sweater ornaments with air-dry clay and colored modeling clay.

Create ugly-Christmas-sweater ornaments from clay.

Burned-out Bulbs printable Christmas game—easy Christmas party idea!

Burned-out Bulbs printable Christmas game—easy Christmas party idea!

3. Play the Burned-out Bulbs game. Print and cut out paper Christmas light bulbs and put point values on the back with sticky notes (so you can switch around the order each game and nobody will know what each light bulb color is worth). One sticky note, however, is marked “burned out,” because we all know that the hardest part of hanging Christmas lights is the burned-out bulbs! Then find a mini dart gun to aim (or just toss a soft ball) at the paper bulbs. When someone hits a light bulb, turn it over to reveal the point value and take it out of the running. Everyone gets to keep the points for any bulb they hit—unless they hit the burned-out bulb, in which case they lose that round and whoever else has the most points wins. This game is one of our all-time favorites! Download our Burned-out Bulbs lights for just $1.50 in our shop!


4. Race in the Stocking Stuffer game. This game almost seems taboo because of the recent toilet paper shortage, but if your stores are all stocked up, pick up the cheapest toilet paper at Walmart. (I like to get the 4-packs that cost around $1.) Then find a sock (it doesn’t have to be a real stocking) and have everyone race to stuff their stocking the fastest! This is another game that always brings smiles and laughter!

Christmas Song Bingo! 10 printable cards plus a bonus blank board for personalization

5. Play Christmas-Song Bingo

Pull up a Christmas station on your favorite music app, sing along, and listen for lyrics that match the items on your Bingo board. You can make your own Bingo boards, or download our 10 Christmas-Song Bingo boards, which include a bonus blank board for personalization if desired. It’s the most fun way to celebrate the wonderful songs of the season and get everyone in the Christmas spirit!

Christmas Song Bingo! 10 printable cards plus a bonus blank board for personalization


You can find more ideas for Christmas activities (though most of these will require some Christmas supplies) on our YouTube playlist of Christmas games.


Do you have a favorite way to celebrate Christmas in July? Let us know in the comments below!


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