5 Front-Porch Games You Can Play through the Window While Social Distancing

5 Front-Porch Games You Can Play through the Window during Coronavirus

When family or friends visit safely outside during quarantine, for many people it’s easier to stay in the car than to hop outside where it’s SO hard not to hug your loved ones or get within six feet of your friends—or to be outside at all when you have allergies! But we’ve loved playing many games over the last several weeks that can be enjoyed while one family stays inside and the other stands out front near a window.

For all of these games, just have both families hold conversations over speakerphone!

1. Guess the Disney Song

In this game, take turns acting out a Disney song by following the lyrics line by line! For instance, how would you act out the following:

  • “There goes the baker with his tray like always. The same old bread and rolls to sell.” (“Belle” from Beauty and the Beast.)
  • “The seaweed is always greener in somebody else’s lake. You dream about going up there, but that is a big mistake.” (“Under the Sea from The Little Mermaid.)
  • "I’m gonna be a mighty king so enemies beware!" "Well, I’ve never seen a king or beast with quite so little hair.” (“I Just Can’t Wait to Be King” from The Lion King.)

Just keep going through the song line by line until someone guesses it right! It can sometimes be tricky until you get to the chorus!

2. Dance Party Add-on

Hold a dance party, even without music playing! One person inside does a dance move. Then a person outside does the same move and adds their own afterward. Keep repeating that process until someone forgets one of the moves, and then start over.

Do you get funny looks sometimes when people walk by? Yes! But is it worth it to create these special coronavirus memories of front-porch dance parties! A million times YES!!!

3. Doorbell-Cam Song Tag

If you have a Ring doorbell, Nest doorbell, or other front-porch security system, call ahead to Mom or Dad and tell them not to answer the door. Then the visitors can sing a song for the family and “tag” them in speech at the end for the whole family to watch moments later. Take turns tagging each home back and forth. If the family’s doorbell picks up constant footage, you can sing the song without even having to ring the doorbell to give away your presence to everyone before you finish your song!

4. Hide and Seek

“Wait, what? But you can’t see enough to play real hide and seek, right?” Yep! And the silliness of this game is what makes it so funny! The family on one side of the window closes their eyes and counts to 10 while the other family hides in any spot they can that would still be visible from the window. There’s usually just a few options, but it’s fun to try anyway for a few minutes, even when you hide in the same spot multiple times in a row! One time, a nephew had me count to 30 instead of 10, and he ended up running out the back door to the front yard to quietly hide behind me! (Many feet apart, of course.) It was hilarious!

5. Basic Charades

And of course, don’t forget that regular charades can easily be played through a window, too! 


What other games can you think of that can be played through a window? Leave a comment below to help other families create meaningful play!


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