Skill Building: 7 Ideas for Writing Letters—Social-Skill Development

7 Ideas for Writing Letters—Social Skill Development

Next up in our ongoing series of developing skills is an important but often overlooked skill: writing a letter. In our world of quick text messages, video chats, and social media posts, take time to have your family members write a full letter to someone. They might even want to find a family member or friend—far or near—to be pen pals with to continually practice the art of writing an actual letter.

Here are seven ideas for writing letters that they could consider:

1. Express thanks.

2. Share a favorite memory.

3. Share something you've learned recently about a topic the person is interested in.

4. Describe a situation you're in and ask for advice.

5. Share a favorite quote and why you like it.

6. Express why you hold a certain opinion on a topic and ask for a call to action based on data (such as writing to a city, state, or corporate representative).

7. Write a company describing a pleasant experience you've had with an employee who assisted you or why you appreciate their product or service.

If you have children too young to write, have them practice expressing a thought or feeling by drawing a picture.

7 Ideas for Writing Letters to Develop Social Skills Behaviors and Habits


Conversation Starter

How is writing a letter different from your normal forms of communication? What’s hard about it? What do you like about it?


Why This Matters

In our world of instant communication, the art of writing a letter can easily fall by the wayside. Yet learning to write in all sorts of forms helps us be well-rounded and prepared for many types of communication we’ll need throughout our lives!


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