Domino Reactions—Talking with Your Kids about How Their Choices Affect Others

5 fun domino chain reactions to talk with your kids about how their choices matter to others.

Creating domino reactions is a favorite—but often forgotten­—activity. Bring this simple pleasure back into your home! again with these five fun ideas for domino chain reactions! It's also a great way to talk with your children about how their choices affect others (see more below).

Five fun ideas for creating domino reactions

Download a PDF of this activity’s “recipe” to add to your family activity binder.



• Domino set(s). Try this small set or this large set.

How to Play

Give each person the same number of dominoes and then try these three options for play!

1. See whose chain reaction can take up the longest amount of space!

Form dominoes into a long chain


2. See whose chain reaction can take up the least amount of space.

Create dominoes in a small space


3. Form a word or phrase.

Create a phrase with dominoes



1. Have family members create a different part of the same chain reaction.

Domino reactions.multiple people form one shape


2. Include other items in your chain reactions!

Domino Reactions—incorporate other objects--

3. Turn some dominoes on their side.

Domino reactions--turn some dominoes sideways


Conversation Starter: We often hear phrases like, “My choice won’t affect anyone but me.” But nearly every choice can affect others—sometimes just a few people and sometimes generations to come. Talk about how we can make decisions that help us use our influence to uplift others now and in the future.

Why This Matters

It’s important to remember that we’re all part of one big family, and this game is a great reminder of how we link together!

Find more ideas for talking with your kids about important topics!

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