Find the Lucky Clovers—Easy St. Patrick's Day Party Game

Find the Lucky Clovers St. Patrick's Day Party Game for Kids and School—Printable

For this fun and easy St. Patrick's Day game, gather some small clovers—these can be stickers, punched paper, or these plastic clovers that I cut from Dollar Tree necklaces.

Place a large number of clovers into a bowl and write the number "4" on a few of them to symbolize a lucky "four-leaf" clover. The goal will be to find as many four-leaf clovers as you can. You'll take turns finding them by rolling dice. One person rolls two dice while the person in front of them looks for the clovers. When the first person rolls two fours (double fours for double luck!), then that person gets to start digging through the clovers to find the lucky ones while the next person rolls the dice. 

See it played in the video—who do you think will win? :)

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