New Year's Eve Ball Drop Escape Room DIY

New Year's Eve Ball Drop Escape Room DIY

Enjoy the New Year's Eve ball drop celebration with a DIY escape room at home! 

This New Year's Eve DIY escape room centers around unlocking six puzzles that allow the New Year’s Eve ball to drop to the ground! The six puzzles center around iconic New Year's items like the ball drop, resolutions, calendars, poppers, and countdowns. 

Download Our Printable PDF for the Escape Room!

This escape room is more advanced than some of our other escape rooms. It is probably best for ages 12 and older, though younger children can play it—they just may need some hints (and I'd make sure to include at least one teenager or adult with them). Most escape rooms are best with 4–8 players, but you can play with as few as two players; it just might take a little longer.

See how to put together this DIY New Year's Eve escape room in this video below.


To complete the escape room, you will need our New Year's Eve Ball Drop Escape Room printable PDF and a few additional supplies below:

Supplies (in Order of Use)

• “New Year’s Eve Ball Drop” Escape Room printable PDF from

Honeycomb ball or gold confetti beach ball (for the ball drop)

• Steel punched flat bar (36” height)

• Small felt pads or poster board (to protect walls)


• 1 changeable word lock

• 5 changeable three-digit locks

• 6 small hair elastics or rubber bands

• New Year’s Eve decor (optional)

• Invisible ink pen

Blacklight flashlight (if your invisible ink pen doesn’t have one or if you want it separate from the pen so participants don't get distracted drawing with it). ;)

• Plastic wrap (like Saran Wrap)

• Tape

• Ice cube tray

• Bowl filled with water bottles and/or soda pop

• Dish towel

• Gloves or mittens (optional)

• 6 gold balloons (We used the extra to decorate the room.)

• 6 empty toilet paper rolls

• 2" circle punch (optional) (I have this set.)

• Glue

• Clipboard (optional)

• Binder clip (optional)

• Pen

LED and string lights for ambiance (optional)


New Year's Eve Escape Room DIY

Optional Supplies for More Advanced Setup (in Order of Use)

If you want to make this escape room more advanced for older players or to take a little longer to play, you can hide three elements needed for solving various puzzles inside locked boxes with these additional supplies:

• 3 lockable wooden treasure chests or boxes

• 3 locking-key sets

• Board games from around home

• Mini candy bars


New Year's Eve Decor Sets 

The LED lights above and extra New Year's Eve decor really added a fun touch. These are a few sets I love.


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New Year's Eve Ball Drop Escape Room DIY

New Year's Eve Ball Drop Escape Room DIY

New Year's Eve Ball Drop Escape Room DIY

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