TP Fling Flyers—Easy and Fun Family Game for All Ages

Best TP fling flyers made with toilet paper rolls and chopsticks

If you have chopsticks and empty toilet paper rolls (two essentials in our Game Pantry for fun), then you’re on your way to 60 minutes of fun with just 1–2 minutes of setup! Enjoy TP fling flyers indoor or outdoors for lots of family fun!


• Empty toilet paper rolls

• Chopsticks—we love these sturdy, colorful ones: 

• Target—get our free printable

Printable bullseye target from Family FED

Wondering what our Game Pantry is? Find out why we have a few essential go-to items that allow creative play and endless possibilities every day—and what those essential items are!

How to Play

1. Print out our free printable target and place it on the ground or countertop.

2. Give everyone an empty toilet-paper roll (or take turns), and have them fling it from a chopstick to land on the target. Try one of these four levels:

  • Easiest: Score if your roll touches the target at all (even if it bounces off).
  • Moderate: Score if part of your roll lands on the target.
  • Difficult: Score if your roll lands on the center of your target.
  • Extreme: Score if your roll lands upright on the target!

You can even take this game outdoors for a super-far toss! Just weight the target down with small rocks on the corners if your neighborhood is windy. 

Conversation Starter

In this game, there are many ways to score a point, depending on age and ability. The older we grow, the more we can challenge ourselves to focus our efforts on accomplishing more difficult tasks. Is there something you’re used to doing where you can push yourself a little harder to refine your skills even more? 

Why This Matters

Games like this are accessible—and fun!—for all ages, from toddler to adults. It’s important to find activities where everyone is equally interested and can make the game challenging based on their own skill level. This game is definitely one for everyone in the family!

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