5 Easy, Free, or Cheap Ideas for Father's Day Activities, Decor, and Gifts

5 Easy, Free, or Cheap Ideas for Father's Day Activities, Decor, and Gifts

Looking for easy, fun and frugal ways to celebrate Dad or Grandpa this Father’s Day? We have ideas for activities you can do WITH or FOR Dad, decor ideas for Father’s Day, and over 105 free gifts or acts of service you can do for Dad or Grandpa.

Learn more about each of these ideas at the links below:

 How to make DIY window clings for Dad or Grandpa as an easy Father's Day gift or daddy-and-me activity

• How to Make DIY Window Clings for Father’s Day Decor or a Special Gift

Paint with household tools for a creative paint night and an easy Father's Day gift or activity

Painting with Household Tools—Creative Art Exploration for a Fun Paint Night

Write notes on tools for a fun and meaningful gift for Dad or Grandpa with words of affirmation 

NAIL a Love Note for Dad + 30 Tool-Themed Expressions of Love and Gratitude

105 free gift ideas for Father's Day or ways to spoil Dad through service

105+ Free Gifts or Service Ideas for Dad or Grandpa on Father’s Day

Create a Father's Day countdown chain with easy journaling prompts

• Father’s Day Countdown Chain with 2 Weeks of Fun Prompts to Celebrate Dad or Grandpa

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