Back-to-Back Ball Challenge—an Easy Boredom Buster with a Bouncy Ball!

Easy boredom buster with a bouncy ball for family game night

This type of boredom buster is my favorite because you can find ways to “level up” the challenge in creative ways. And all you need is a bouncy ball!


• Bouncy balls


How to Play

Place a bouncy ball in the palm of your right hand. Toss it into the air and bounce it off the palm of your left hand. Bounce it back toward the right hand but have it bounce on the back side of the hand, then bounce it off the back of the left hand—all in one continuous bouncing motion. See how many times in a row you can bounce it back and forth between the palms and backs of your hands.



Play it Minute-to-Win-It style and see how many of the four-bounce combos you can complete in 60 seconds.


Level-up Challenges

1. Stand near a table and bounce it off the surface in between each time it touches your hands.

2. Make it a team challenge and play between two or more players. You could do a pattern where each player bounces off the right palm, then everyone bounces off the left palm, etc. Or, try keeping the right-palm, left-palm, right-back, left-back pattern going in between all players—it makes it extra tricky to remember what place in the pattern you should be playing!


Conversation Starter

Of all the level-up challenges your family members tried, which did they enjoy the most? Why? What did you learn about persistence or teamwork?


Why This Matters

I love level-up style boredom busters because they’re an easy entryway into family time. They can be played in as little as five minutes, so there’s not a huge commitment for family members to agree to participate. Yet once they start playing, they often want to keep going for 30 minutes or more! It’s a fun way to increase the amount of time your family spends together.


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