How to Make Disney Churros with an Easter Twist—Easter Candy Churros Challenge!

How to make Disney churros with an Easter twist

As soon as I saw that Disney posted their Churro recipe, I had to make their delicious treats! And I thought you would, too! I wanted to throw in an Easter twist, though. And I knew a Disney churro Easter challenge was waiting—which Easter candies would best complement Disney churros? Check out which candies were put to the test and which scored the highest rankings. Surprisingly, my top pick and bottom pick were the exact opposite of what I thought they would be!


 Add Easter candies to Disney churros for a fun holiday Easter dessert!

What You’ll Need



1. Prepare the churro dough according to the Disney recipe.

Form Disney churros into the shape of Easter eggs.

2. When you’re ready to place the churros into the oil to cook, form the dough into an egg shape on your slotted spoon (it’s best to dip it into the oil once to coat it). Cook as instructed in the recipe.


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Dye sugar with food coloring to decorate your Disney churro Easter eggs

3. Dye your sugar by placing it and the cinnamon into a sandwich bag. Add several drops of food coloring and mix it all together. Pour the colored sugar into a small pan in a colorful arrangement as desired to coat your churros to look like decorated Easter eggs.

Decorate Disney churros as Easter eggs for a holiday Easter treat.

4. Cover the churro eggs in your favorite Easter candies!

 How to make Disney churros for Easter

I tried seven different Easter candies to see which best complemented the Disney churros! Watch the video below to see how each one tasted and which candies earned the top spots for this Disney churro Easter challenge. Leave a comment below to share which ones topped your list!

Here's what I tested:

Easter Peep churros by    Cadbury Mini Eggs churros by

Jelly bean churros by    Lemon Kit Kat churros by

Marshmallow Bunnies and Chicks churros by    Black jelly bean churros

Cabury Creme Egg churros by


Conversation Starter

I’ll be honest—I never expected my top and bottom choices for the Easter candy coatings to land where they did. I thought they’d be in the opposite spots! In life, we’ll find that some things work together different from what we expected, whether that be with our talents and interests, our friendships, and more. How can we learn to be adaptable when things go different from what we expect?


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