Mashed Potato Easter Eggs—Easy Easter Food Craft!

Easter food craft turning mashed potatoes into Easter eggs

This year, Easter will be a little different. Many of our traditions won’t be able to happen in the same way. Make the day a little more memorable by doing something unexpected—let your family play with their food at the Easter feast! It’s easy with your mashed potatoes; once you prepare them, separate them into several bowls and dye them with food coloring. Let everyone dish up their potatoes and use them to create and decorate a mashed potato Easter egg!


Conversation Starter

This one change to the dinner menu may make this Easter feast one never to be forgotten. Take time this Easter day to reflect on the change that has made the most important difference in all the world—the Resurrection of the Savior, Jesus Christ, that allows all of us to also be resurrected and rise again! How can we live to show gratitude for that precious gift we celebrate on Easter?


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Easter Easter craft Easter food food coloring fun with food

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