Feeding Ducks—and Talking with Your Kids and Teens about Balance with This Easy Outdoor Family Activity

Feeding Ducks!

Sometimes it's the simplest things that bring the greatest joys, like heading to a nearby pond to feed ducks. There's something so joyful about being in nature, standing/walking around and enjoying one another's conversation! And feeling the sunshine always fees so good!

Before you head out to feed the birds, just remember that ducks need a nutritious  meal just like adults! If you're going to use bread, avoid white bread because it's usually not full of nutrients (I use whole-grain bread). And don't give them too much bread (again, just like with your family); balance it out with other items. I've read numerous sites, and they show that these items are great for ducks: bird seed, corn, cucumbers, lettuce, oats, peas, rice, and even eggs!

Conversation Starter

Ducks and birds need a variety of nutrients to stay healthy. It's the same with us—and not just with food. We need well-rounded growth physically, socially, spiritually, and intellectually to feel our truest joy. Are there ways that you can enhance your life for more balanced growth?

Why This Matters

In a world of complexity, it's nice to have a break with a simple focus, such as walking outdoor to feed birds. Downtown is essential, and this type of downtime can be so much better for the soul than binging the latest show.


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