Slice the Dice

Slice the Dice game by Family FED

Line up your dice, slide one die through them, and see if you can sneak between the rest of the row! This game also provides a chance to talk about creating opportunities in your life!

How to play Slice the Dice by Family FED 

Download a PDF of this activity’s “recipe” to add to your family activity binder.


What You’ll Need



How to Play

1. Arrange 10 dice in a line.

Slice the Dice game: align the dice

2. Take turns sliding one die into the dice line and using a second die to go through the opening created by the first.

Slice the Dice.slice
3. If a player successfully slides the second die through the sliced line without touching other dice, she keeps two dice it went between.

Slice the Dice.keep two.
4. The player with the most dice wins.



    1. Rather than aligning the dice every turn, leave them in place after each slide.

    Slice the not align after each turn


    2. Once someone breaks the dice line, all players take a turn trying to slide a die through it.

    Slice the Dice.multiple players try to go through the same gap.

    3. Each player uses their own set of 10 dice and races against the others.

    Many players can play at once


      Conversation Starter

      We often wait for opportunities to open their door for us before we move forward. But we usually need to take action at every step along the way to createopportunities instead. What opportunities are waiting for you to slide the door open on them?


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