How to Make Bread Easy for Kids with a Fun Shaped-Bread Twist! (Physical Skill Idea)

How to Make Bread Easy for Kids with a Fun Shaped-Bread Twist! (Physical Skill Idea)

I’m a huge proponent for making family time not only fun but also purposeful. I think it’s so important that we help the rising generation learn spiritual, social, physical, and intellectual skills as well! But I don’t think that learning skills diminishes the fun—we just need to find a fun twist for these skill-based activities!

So today’s family activity idea is a physical skill: learning to bake bread from scratch. Not only is this a great skill for children and youth to learn, but it’s also a great skill refresher for many of us as adults as well! ;) We used this basic-bread recipe from Lil Luna.

I thought I’d make it fun by experimenting with shapes when cooking the bread dough. I used a Mickey casserole dish for a Mickey-head bread—which also brought back fun memories of being in Disney’s California Adventure and eating the sourdough from the Pacific Wharf Café. (We're a huge Disney family!) It was a fun way to bring a bit of the Disneyland experience home!

And for a car-loving nephew, I even put some bread dough into a car-themed Nordic Ware cake pan; I wasn’t sure how it would turn out, but it worked great and all I needed to do was cut off the bottom of each car to flatten them.

These fun shapes were the hit! Knowing that the fun shapes are coming helps everyone stay involved in the learning process! And there’s always a good excuse to play more fun and easy games with supplies around home while you wait for the dough to rise. ;)

What fun shapes would you create for your bread? Leave your fun ideas in the comments below!

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