Ritz Flip—Boredom Buster and Easy Game for Families (Play with Your Food!)

Ritz Flip Challenge—easy boredom buster idea for families, kids, and teensSometimes the best boredom busters are the simplest, and this is one of them! Although it looks easy, the Ritz Flip is quite the fun activity! Simply place a quarter on a Ritz cracker, flip it in the air, and try to catch it back on the quarter! When playing with a group, see who can be the first to catch it a certain number of times. Or, play it Minute-to-Win-It–style and see how many times you can catch it in 60 seconds.

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Conversation Starter: Sometimes things that seem like they will be easy end up being a little more challenging than expected. How can you keep trying during those moments, and how can you make it fun along the way as you still work toward the victory— even if it takes a little more effort than you first thought it might?


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