Thanks over Pranks—a Gratitude/Service Idea for April Fool’s Day

Give Thanks over Pranks—a service idea from

I’d originally planned a game for April Fool’s Day, but I just keep thinking that instead we may all benefit from spreading some joy today through expressing gratitude.

Let’s focus our April Fool’s Day on #ThanksOverPranks!

Find someone whom you can thank today. Consider using this image and texting it to a friend or posting it on social media and tagging someone you want to thank!

Card to express thanks for others, from  Card to express thanks for others, from

Card to express thanks for others, from  Card to express thanks for others, from

Here’s a list of people you might consider thanking today!

  • Animal care workers:their jobs don’t stop even when zoos or pet stores close.
  • Children:they’re doing fantastic adjusting to so many changes that they may not fully understand.
  • Custodians and cleaners:they’re working tirelessly behind the scenes to keep everything safe.
  • Customer service agents:they’re probably receiving a lot of extra calls from stressed individuals.
  • Delivery personnel:they’re keeping essential deliveries going and even nonessential ones, too.
  • Employers and business leaders: they’re doing so much to make sure everyone is taken care of and are also working through many new situations to allow flexible work.
  • Friends:we’ve never appreciated more the blessing to have been able to give them a hug, and they’re helping us find joy each day.
  • Government officials:they have so many, many decisions to make every day.
  • Grocery store employees:they’re risking their health so we can all get needed supplies.
  • Nurses, doctors, and medical personnel:they’re putting their health on the line to protect ours, and they’re working to come up with new solutions to save lives.
  • Officers and first responders:they’re heroes every day of their lives—and so are their families.
  • Parents:they can never receive enough thanks.
  • Religious leaders:they’re helping everyone maintain faith and peace, and they’re guiding their congregations in safety.
  • Spouse:your spouse is helping you get through some unique times while also adjusting to the changes as well.
  • Teachers, principals, and school staff: this is all new for them, too, but they’re keeping things going and doing a great job at it.
  • Yourself:you’re doing an amazing job with so many changes, too! Give yourself a pat on the back.

Ideas for people to thank

We could add a million more ideas to this list! Who are you sending a thanks to today? Share in a comment below.


Also, a big thanks to YOU for being part of the Family F.E.D. community! I am so glad to have you here!


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April Fool's Day gratitude service ideas

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