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Create a fun and easy monster-themed scavenger hunt with built-in games for an all-inclusive Halloween party for kids!
40 Thanksgiving party games, crafts, and activities, for kids and adults    
Christmas games, activities, foods, and crafts for children, teens, and adults   
 How to Play Disney's Jungle Cruise Adventure Board Game
How to play flies up with a Harry Potter Quidditch twist
6 fun and easy backyard Olympic games
12 Fun and Easy Fourth of July Party Games
 5 Reasons I Love America—Fourth of July Journaling Page Ideas
May 8: Mother's Day ideas:
Create a Mother's Day song tribute
Create an edible Mother's Day card
Free Mother's Day printables
Record some simple family history for a Mother's Day printable.
 Life Savers Lightsabers Ultimate Star Wars Party Game with DIY Candy Lightsabers Tutorial
April 28: See 6 ideas for easy and cheap birthday party games as seen on the KSL Studio 5 TV show.
April 27: Learn about our DIY Birthday Party Escape Room DIY for the best birthday party for teens, older kids, and adults!
Birthday Party Escape Room DIY for the best birthday party
April 16: Listen to the Helping of Happiness podcast episode where I was honored to talk with Hillary and simple ideas for family fun!
April 16: Enjoy our Emoji Emotions game to talk with your kids about their emotions!
April 3: Make your Easter dinner more festive by decorating "eggs" with mashed potatoes!
 Mashed Potato Easter Eggs—Easy Easter Food Craft!
3 easy Easter party games for kids
How to Make Disney Churros with an Easter Twist—Easter Candy Churros Challenge!
 A Christ-Centered Easter Countdown: Jesus Christ Is a God of Miracles
10 ideas to help your children and teens record their stories in fun ways!
Find the Lucky Clovers—Easy St. Patrick's Day Party Game
Feb. 23: Find ideas for car games. See ideas to make it fun and easy to record your family history.
 Free Valentine's Day Printables to Reflect on Love for God
13 Easy Last-Minute Valentine's Day Games
TwiSTORIES—a getting-to-know-you-game for family and friends!
 Bobbing for Conversation Hearts—an Easy Valentine's Day Party Game for Kids!
Easy Valentine's Day Party Game
 Best Family Games: How to Play GoTrio—a Stackable Tic-tac-toe Game for 3 Players
 45 Easy Minute-to-Win-It Games or Simple Party Games
Jan. 16: See the Children and Youth personal development books for children and for youth. Find the family/group activity ideas for growing spiritually, socially, physically, and intellectually.
Jan. 6: Get our printable "In the Order" game to teach your family about how to make SMART goals specific.
Dec. 26: Learn more about our New Year's Eve Ball Drop escape room. 
 New Year's Eve Ball Drop at-home Escape Room DIY with printables
Dec. 23: Find more on our cute Disney Christmas sweater cookies.
Dec. 21: For holiday road trip car games, keep the family entertained with our 18 road trip ideas—6 are word-based games with no supplies needed, the next 5 games are printables for a quick solution before you head out the door, and the last 7 are easy games with Dollar Tree supplies. 
6 Fun Word-Based Car Games for Road Trips or around Town with No Supplies Needed
5 Easy Printable Road Trip Games!
 7 Easy Games with Dollar Tree Supplies for Family Game Night, Car Games, and Road Trips
Dec. 17: Get our printables and instructions for our Grinch-Inspired Escape Room" printable PDF.
Grinch-inspired Christmas escape room PDF printables and instructions for the best Christmas party!
Dec. 11: Find our 5 easy Zoom Christmas party games for the best Christmas party. Find our 12 Days of Christmas Games ideas.
Dec. 11: From reindeer games to Zoom calls and escape rooms, see our Christmas party ideas in today's show of Studio 5. 
Dec. 10: See how to play the simple Season's Greetings Scramble word game!
Dec. 2: External link to the free sheet music for my favorite arrangement of "Once in Royal David's City" (it's the third option in the list, with "(Mohlman)" next to it.
Nov. 19: Download and print our 2020 covers for a Thanksgiving Matching Game.
“Mischievous Turkeys” Thanksgiving Escape Room—the Best Thanksgiving Party Idea for Family Fun!
Oct. 24: See our super-easy Spider Escape game that can be put together in five minutes!

Monster Treasure Hunt; Monster Party Printable and Halloween Party Collection Set

Oct. 20: Print and enjoy our Monster Treasure Hunt with seven clues and five games in one printable PDF!

DIY Halloween Escape Room: “Goblin Tricks and Treats”—a Trick-or-Treat Alternative

Oct. 19: Learn how to create a DIY Halloween escape room for the best Halloween party or a trick-or-treat alternative.

Oct. 8: Learn how to create a DIY Kerplunk Halloween party game with Dollar Tree pumpkins.

Oct.  7: Learn how to create a DIY Halloween escape room for the best Halloween party or a trick-or-treat alternative.

Sept. 29: See our "Penny Pumpkins" game in action and find more Halloween ideas!

Sept. 26: Find the best simple and fun Halloween party games and activities for kids, teens, and families! See our idea for the easiest jack-o'-lantern idea (that you can change every day!)

Sept. 23: Find five easy and fun boredom buster games with bouncy balls and toilet paper rolls.

Sept. 21: Print and play our Emoji Emotions game to build family connections and build emotional skills!

Sept. 19: See how to play the Balanced Dice party game and find links to the supplies used!

Sept. 18: See 6 lessons we can learn (and teach) by making homemade playdough. And find our fun "Be a rainbow in someone else's cloud" free printable as well!

Sept. 17: Print and play the Burger Flip game!

Sept. 16: Learn how to create a new Halloween tradition with a "traveling prize pumpkin"! Find more ideas to make this fall season special with these fun and easy Halloween party games!

Sept. 14: Find our Ultimate Letter Card Game Deck. See more word games to play with letter cards. Learn more about Spemory—the spelling memory game.

Sept. 12: Learn how to play Disney Codenames board game. Find the Disney Codenames game on Amazon.

Sept. 11: Create a multistep domino run for a fun boredom buster!

Sept. 10: Find our favorite flamingo game! Learn more about the surprising benefits of having a family mascot!

Sept. 8: Find our favorite 10-color set of dice on Amazon! Learn more about our Rainbow Dice DIY game (with links to other dice games).

Sept. 4: Intellectual skill idea: Learn about color schemes with a stained-glass—inspired art project with paint. Find the 1/4" repositionable masking tape we used.

Sept. 2: Learn how to teach making bread easy for kids by using a fun shaped-bread twist!

Sept. 1: Find seven easy DIY Dollar Tree games for family game night, car rides around town, or long road trips!

Aug. 28: Find 30 "Memory Starter" words for our Memory Association game. Find more ideas to make it easy to record your family's stories.

Aug. 27: Turn Dollar Tree pencil cup holders and desk trays into personalized decor for distance learning spaces and kids' desks.

Aug. 26: Create instant art fun and creativity with our dry-erase paper doll idea with Dollar Tree supplies!

Aug. 25: Create a DIY Chutes and Ladders game with erasers! Download our printable Chutes and Ladders game with a school theme. Find more fun and easy school-themed games.

Aug. 24: Download our "A Way with Words" game inspired by Chutes and Ladders for back-to-school fun!

Aug. 21: Enjoy a creative art project using Fruit Loops!

Aug. 19: See our Apples to Apples Notes creativity challenge about friendship! Get the Apples to Apples game or Disney Apples to Apples game.

Aug. 18: Learn how to create a portable Plinko-inspired game with DIY Dollar Tree supplies that's great for car rides, road trips, or at-home play on family game night. You can also find more level-up challenges for screen-free play.

Aug. 17: Learn more about the Bad Poetry Remix—a creativity prompt for National Bad Poetry Day.

Aug. 15: Download the free printable Back-to-School 2020 journaling page as part of our Family History in 15 Minutes series. 

Aug. 14: Download the Pencil Pusher game board. Find more adaptations to play the Pencil Pusher game. 

Aug. 13: Play pick-up sticks with pencils. You can also enjoy our fun word and educational games to kick off the school year!

Aug. 12: Enjoy a creativity exercise with our Storybook Relay game that can also work as a fun homeschooling idea for writing and literature.

Aug. 11: Find more DIY Dollar Tree games on our site and find even more Dollar Tree games on our YouTube channel. And don't miss our DIY bball game with a Dollar Tree soap dish!

Aug. 10: Find our recipe for s'mores inspired ice cream in a bagFind the results of the 10 fun marshmallow and flavor combinations in our ultimate s'mores taste test!

Aug. 7: Create a DIY Dice Drop game from a Dollar Tree acrylic case and dice that's great for road trips, car drives around town, teen parties, or family game night at home. 

Aug. 5: Learn an easy dice hack for playing your favorite dice games on road trips or in the car anytime.

Aug. 4: Try our 6 fun word-based car games for road trips or around town with no supplies needed.

Aug. 3: Find five easy and fun printable road trip games.

Aug. 1: See how to play the Flying Kiwis board game perfect for families of all ages!

July 31: Celebrate Harry Potter's birthday with our fun and easy Quidditch flies up twist!

July 30: Find the results of the 10 fun marshmallow and flavor combinations in our ultimate s'mores taste test!

July 28: See how to use a Target dollar spot cake stand with bouncy balls for a fun family game night!

July 27: Watch the KSL Studio 5 segment with 6 easy camping ideas.

July 25: Check out our five fun and easy ideas for celebrating Christmas in July!

July 23: Find our 13 easy camp and hiking games, along with links to all items mentioned.

July 22: Try a fun and easy twist for playing playground games!

July 21: Find six fun water balloon games for summer play or family reunions.

July 20: Learn how to create DIY flashlight puppets and shapes—a fun and easy idea for camp or bedtime story time.

July 17: Celebrate National Emoji Day with our Emoji Emotions game!

July 16: Get the printable If a Grizzly Came a Comin' game. Or learn more about it.

July 14: See our easy idea for summer sprinkler play. If you want to throw in some water balloons, check out our three fun water balloon games and three more easy water balloon games (and subscribe to our YouTube channel while you're there!).

July 13: Create a simple campfire Kendama with marshmallows!

July 11: Download the FREE "All about My Name" Printable Journaling Sheet for family history made easy with "Family History in 15 Minutes."

July 10: See how to play the Deer in the Headlights card game + game review. You can also find the Deer in the Headlights party game on Amazon.

July 6: Find ideas for playing several board games backward!

July 4: See how to use outdoor cup holder drink stakes for an easy bottle-toss game!

July 3: Find four ways to play the printable Burger Flip game—perfect for a Fourth of July barbecue!

July 2: See how to create three DIY Dollar Tree Fourth of July flag crafts.

June 30: Download the printable Red, White, and Blue—Times Two party game for the Fourth of July or learn more about it first. Also download the Cube Crash family party game.

June 29: Find free Fourth of July printable journaling pages.

June 27: Create a DIY Rolling Flag Marbles Game from a Dollar Tree grill tray.

June 25: See how to play Double Spin Coin Flip—an easy no-prep game for families. Find more boredom busters.

June 24: 100 service ideas for kids, teens, and parents, along with two printable family service charts!

June 22: For instant laughs, act out a favorite family movie scene using accents!

June 20: Dice by the Numbers easy dice game for families

June 18: 60 easy and fun obstacle-course challenge printables and ideas.

June 16: Orange-Creamsicle recipe to make ice cream in a bag

June 13: Celebrate National Children's Day with our "Childhood Memories" free journaling prompt as part of our "Family History in 15 Minutes" series

June 13: 5 Easy, Free, or Cheap Ideas for Father's Day Activities, Decor, and Gifts

June 12: How to make DIY window clings for Father's Day decor or a special gift for Dad!

June 11: Paint with household tools as your paintbrushes! 

June 10: NAIL a Love Note for Dad + 30 Tool-Themed Expressions of Love and Gratitude

June 9: 105+ FREE gift ideas for Dad and Grandpa on Father's Day.

June 8: Father’s Day Countdown Chain with 2 Weeks of Fun Prompts to Celebrate Dad or Grandpa

June 6: "10 Things I Know Are True" Journaling Prompt—an Easy Way to Record Part of Your Family's History

June 6: Learn more about the Super Summer Bingo game, or head straight to our shop to download the printable and start your summer fun with ease!

June 5: Find four tips for create an epic summer scavenger hunt and download our 12 printable clues! You can also watch the TV segment on Studio 5 where it was introduced!

June 4: Family Schedule Reset—5 simple steps to declutter your calendar and conquer your family’s schedules at last!

June 3: See the essential items for endless games on family game night in our Game Pantry.

June 3: See how to play the Stuck in the Middle bouncy balls and cup game.

June 3: Find more boredom busters.

June 1: Create a bouncing tic-tac-toe game with up cycled paper-towel rolls. You'll also find links for my go-to Ping-Pong balls or bouncy balls.

May 30: Find the best deal for Popsicle molds on Amazon. See our best tips for painting with Popsicles for a fun and easy family arts and crafts activity.

May 29: Learn more about Crazy Golf and how to talk with your kids and teens about developing basic patterns for coping with peer pressure, disappointment, worry, and inadequacy when they face unexpected situations.

May 28: Download the Burger Flip game perfect for barbecues, summer parties, and holiday!

May 27: Check out my favorite Frisbee—worth every penny because it provides much more accurate throwing and easier catching!

May 27: See how to play Frisbee basketball!

May 26: Download our free paper airplane runway.

May 25: How feeding ducks can help you talk with your children about balance.

May 24: Family history in 15 minutes: Describe yourself in one memory—our free journaling prompt makes it easy. Find more free journaling printables to make it fun and easy to record your family's stories! 

May 22: Ultimate guide to word games for families, parties, and spelling practice.

May 20: Play TP Fling Flyers (with free printable) using empty toilet paper rolls and chopsticks.

May 19: Download and print the Ultimate Letter Card Game Deck. Learn to play the 2-Word Rush word game!

May 18: Dice Tower Color Crash game great for families and for teaching young children color and number matching skills. Find my favorite colored dice set here from Amazon.

May 16 (for May 17): Social-skills building: 7 ideas for writing letters

May 16: Mini golf meets spring cleaning. Get the broom-and-dustpan combo.

May 15: 4 easy and fun games, art projects, and ideas for a Disney Onward Family Movie Night!

May 13: Make candy art with M&Ms! 

May 13: Download and print the Emoji Emotions game!

May 11: Download the MISmatched Socks game! See more on how to play it here.

May 9: 5 fun questions to ask Mom or Grandma on Mother's Day.

May 9: Make an edible Mother's Day card for the best Mother's Day gift! This is the sugar cookie bar recipe I used from I Heart Naptime.

May 8: Create a Mother's Day song for the perfect Mother's Day gift for Mom or Grandma!

May 7: Download a paper airplane runway for a fun STEM activity.

May 6: Emoji Emotions game (to download) or article to learn more.

May 6: Helping of Happiness podcast on creating simple family fun! Find more from the talented Hillary Hess on her website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest pages!

May 5: Get the Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza game! Learn more about how to play Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza.

May 4: Life Savers Lightsabers Ultimate Star Wars Party Game with DIY Candy Lightsabers Tutorial

May 1: Boredom buster game with a single bouncy ball

April 30: Ultimate guide to finding hidden Mickeys in nature and your neighborhood.

April 29: Five coronavirus-safe games you can play on the front porch through a window!

April 27: Five fun ideas for domino chain reactions to talk with your kids about how their choices affect others.

April 25 (for the 26th): Learn fun facts online about your ancestors!

April 25: 3 fun ideas for making rock art with Patti Rokus from

April 25: Nature Walk Bingo cards

April 24: Seed-packet recognition notes for your children

April 23: Disney Frozen 2 party game ideas that also bring family history fun

April 22: 10 downloadable Nature Walk Bingo cards

April 20: Build painted cairns to talk about balance and slowing down.

April 19: Create nature quotes

April 18: Faux juggling boredom buster

April 18: Find more boredom buster ideas on our website and additional boredom busters on our YouTube channel!

April 17: Emoji Emotions game to talk with your kids about their emotions

April 17: Ideas for haiku topics.

April 16: Find more boredom buster ideas on our website and additional boredom busters on our YouTube channel!

April 15: 50 service ideas to do at home or around home during the Coronavirus quarantine 

April 14: Simple Joys: Seeing the Magic in the Clouds

April 13: 5 New Twists for Playing Scrabble

April 11: Snow White movie night collection

April 11: How to make Disney churros with an Easter-egg twist!

April 11: Watch our taste test with 7 Easter candies on Disney churros!

April 8: Bean Counters Easter game with jelly beans

April 7: Find more Easter ideas on our blog and also several Easter games on our YouTube channel.

April 7: Draw EGG-straordinary family portraits with plastic Easter eggs

April 6: Host a virtual Easter egg hunt through video chats!

April 5: Send a digital floral bouquet—a simple service idea!

April 4: Elbow Basketball game

April 3: Slice the Dice game

April 2: Backward Ball Drop game for building teamwork and communication

April 1: Thanks over Pranks—a Gratitude/Service Idea for April Fool's Day

March 31: Lightning Letters word game (includes family, party, and solo play)

March 31: The Ultimate Letter Card Game Deck

March 30: A Christ-centered Easter countdown: Jesus Christ is a God of miracles

March 29: Coronavirus quarantine journaling prompt printables

March 28: Cups by the Yard boredom buster challenge

March 27: Cube Crash downloadable game

March 26: Sculpt a Memory game—a frozen twist on Charades!

March 25: DIY game: Board Bounce

March 24: How Many Squares? A Simple Art Game That Helps You Talk with Your Kids about Goals and Growth

March 23: Color Shout card game

March 23: Ultimate Letter Card Game Deck downloadable card set

March 22: Family favorites photo

March 21: 5-High cup game

March 20: 6 service ideas for spreading cheer during the Coronavirus

March 19: 6 Outdoor Play and Park Activities

March 19: Studio 5 segment on KSL TV

March 18: Free downloadable cooperative game: Good Fruit, Bad Fruit

March 17: New website for Family FED

March 17: Greedy Leprechaun downloadable game for St. Patrick's Day


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